YES ON PROP 98: Protect All Property Rights.

Right now, government has the right to take private property - our homes, family farms, mom-and-pop small businesses - to build a sports stadium, big-box chain store, or a hotel. Politically connected special interests use and abuse government's power  take and develop private property. 41 other states have enacted property rights reforms.


It is time for Californians to protect our property and restore our private property rights.  Proposition 98, the California Property Owners & Farmland Protection Act is on the ballot in June.  Property seizures are happening all over our state, it is time to take action against the government's abuse of power.

"The City of Baldwin Park is using eminent domain to seize my home for a development project that benefits a politically connected developer.  They should not be able to take my home. Where are my rights?"

Ms. Cruz Baca Sembello, Homeowner, Baldwin Park


"I never thought that something like this could happen to me . Government should not be able to profit by seizing private property from unwilling sellers. It shows what little regard government has for the personal and financial costs associated with throwing us out on the streets."

Mr. Tim Cunha, Property Owner, Seaside (Watch TV News in Seaside here)


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